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Vacuum Pneumatic Ash System Operation

System Operation

Ash which has accumulated in various collection hoppers is pneumatically conveyed to a centrifugal receiver atop the ash storage silo. Vacuum forces providing the conveyance air flow are created by a blower (exhauster) located near the silo.

Coarser ash particulates collecting at the bottom of the receiver are transferred to the silo via a double dump gate air lock assembly ( see description on following page). Finer ash particles and the induced conveying air flow report through the "vortex finder" pipe at the top of the centrifugal receiver to a pulse jet, bag type dust collector located nearby. Ash particulates released by periodic blow down of the bags collect below, where this material is transferred to the silo via a double dump gate air lock assembly. Overall solids recovery typically exceeds 99.9% for 2 micron and larger particulates.

  1. Air Intake
  2. Fully Enclosed, Quick Acting, Swing Disc valve
  3. Pipe Fittings with Replaceable, Reversible, Interchangeable Wearbacks (550 BHN)
  4. Paddle Type Ash Conditioning Unit
  5. Abrasion Resistant centrifugally Cast Conveyor Pipe
  6. Silo Vent Filter
  7. Centrifugal Receiver/Separator
  8. Pulse Jet Bag Type Dust Collector
  9. Continuous Ash Collecting Double Dump Gates
  10. Silo Relief Valve
  11. Ash Storage Silo
  12. Air Pipe
  13. Fugitive Dust Filter
  14. Telescopic Dry Unloader
  15. Vacuum Breaker
  16. Guard Filter
  17. Mechanical Exhausters

Centrifugal Receiver/Dust Collector

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