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Metal chip processing

What is Metal Chip Processing?

Metal chip processing refers to the method of collecting and treating metal machining wastes through the use of metal crushers, metal shredders, metal chip wringers (metal chip centrifuges), metal briquetters and other specialized equipment interconnected with metal chip conveyors so as to comprise a complete metal chip processing system.

The principal purposes of such systems are to:

  • Separate residual machining fluids (coolants and oils) from metal chip waste for recycle or disposal.
  • Produce a drip free metal waste product meeting DEP and EPA requirements, which may be transported without contaminating the environment.
  • This processed material could command a premium market price.
  • Further processing of the "dry" chips is possible using compaction technology known as briquetting.
  • Metal chip briquetters compress metal chips into a solid briquette form with benefits in material handling and the re-melting process.
  • Such metal chip systems may be custom designed or largely pre-engineered - using standard components.
  • Occasionally, metal chip systems are used to treat (dewater) grinding sludge (swarf).


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