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Metal Chip Conveyors

Drag Flight Metal Chip Conveyors

Used for conveying broken, crushed or finely sized metal chips only. Suitable for both horizontal and vertical runs. The usual configuration is a rectangular trough fitted with a single strand or two parallel strands of chain to which drag flights are fitted to provide the conveying mechanism.

  • Not recommended where stringy (bushy) turnings are present as these will cause jamming of the drag chains.
  • Low linear strand speed results in low friction wear for increased service life

Helicoid (Screw) Metal Chip Conveyors

Screw conveyors are suitable for short horizontal or inclined runs.

  • They can be used to convey both metal chips and turnings.
  • Single and double flight designs are commonly used.
  • Excellent choice when screw conveyor is used as a controlled rate feeder.

National’s design features the following

  • Constant thickness, abrasion resistant helicoid flights
  • Continuously welded flights to  pipe shaft.
  • Oversized  heavy wall central pipe for reduced deflection

Hinged Steel Belt Metal Chip Conveyors

The hinged steel belt conveyor (frequently called an Apron Conveyor) is useful for a wide range of horizontal and inclined conveying runs where metal chips or stringy metal turnings are being handled.

National’s design features the following

  • Tightly formed hinge loops
  • Fully welded side wings to preclude problems encountered with conventional steel belt designs.
  • Heavy duty tracks fabricated with abrasion resistant steel

Guards, Safety Placards and Safety Devices may have been removed for the purpose of clarity.

Push Bar Metal Chip Conveyors

Plow mechanisms fitted to a reciprocating stroke (push-pull) shaft assembly move metal chips or bushy metal turnings in the desired direction

  • The reciprocating shaft and plow mechanism is  driven by a hydraulic power unit..
  • Can handle large volumes of  chips, turnings and coolant.
  • Normally installed at or below floor level.
  • Coolant removal may be aided by use of wedge wire screen panels placed at selected locations, draining into a sub trough. 

Guards, Safety Placards and Safety Devices may have been removed for the purpose of clarity.


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