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Metal Chip Load Out Systems

Vari Slot® Articulating Metal Chip Loading Conveyor

View showing three National Conveyors Vari Slot® Articulating conveyors installed at a large automotive components manufacturer. Metal chips from 3 metal chip processing systems are being loaded into truck of different lengths.

Mechanical Conveyor and Swivel Chute For Loading Metal Chips

National Conveyors chip processing system showing swivel chute chip load out arrangement.

A conventional mechanical conveyor receives and elevates chips, delivering same to a motorized swivel chute for deposit into roll off containers.

Pneumatic Conveyor and Swivel Chute For Loading Metal Chips

National metal chip processing system showing dry chip delivery pipeline at right leading to containers out of doors.

Pneumatically conveyed metal chips are delivered by pipeline to a target box for velocity reduction, from which they fall through a motorized swivel chute to containers or trucks.

Long Distance, High Capacity Pneumatic Conveying of Metal Chips to a Surge Hopper for Rail Car or Truck Loading

These views show two different National Conveyors systems used for high capacity load out of metal chips. A pneumatic conveying system (see incoming pipeline) delivers chips to a surge storage hopper from which rail cars are loaded as scheduled.

National Conveyors is the Industry Leader for Pneumatic Conveying of Metal Chips.

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