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Metal Chip Crushers and Shredders

Why Crush Your Turnings?

Bushy, stringy metal turnings such as those shown above must be crushed or shredded into smaller chips to satisfy three needs:

  1. Effective extraction and reclamation of cutting fluids from such material. The use of a chip wringer (centrifuge) requires feed particle size be no larger than about 3" (75mm)
  2. Briquetting of such material requires that feed particle size be no larger than about 3" (75mm).
  3. If metal turnings are being processed these should be crushed or shredded for ease of handling and bulk transport. Moreover, the price received for such scrap will be enhanced by offering a shoveling grade (sized) chip product to a scrap reclaimer.

National-Arboga Metal Turnings Crusher

Developed more than 50 years ago by Arboga Darenth AB of Arboga, Sweden, the Arboga vertical shaft crusher is recognized throughout the world as a superior machine for size reduction of bushy metal turnings. National Conveyors Company is the exclusive North American distributor.

Single Roll Machine Tool Shredder

  • Abrasion resistant steel reversible tooling design to provide double the service life of uni-directional tooling
  • Automatic solids ejection
  • Interchangeability of cutters and spacers minimizing parts requirements
  • Extended length tooth for shredding efficiency and cutter strength
  • Volume reductions of 4:1 and higher possible
  • Quiet operation (less than 75 dbA)
  • Oversized high torque electric motor drive
  • Simple in-place slide off / slide on tooling
  • Oversized shaft
  • Externally lubricated shaft bearings with seals
  • Adjustable spring tensioner
  • Optional Control Panel includes:
    • Variable frequency drive (VFD) controller for extended motor life
    • Anti-jam with automatic bar end and solids rejection
    • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
    • Auto reversal for bundle reorientation and customized operation

Rolling Ring Type Metal Chip Crusher

The rolling ring high speed impact crusher (hammermill) is an excellent machine for medium and fine crushing of metal chips & turnings.

Multiple hammer rings held by rotating arms fixed to high speed rotor shaft crush (by impact) incoming metal turnings & metal chips against a manganese breaker plate and grate bars located in the bottom of the crushing chamber.

Product size is controlled by the selection of the grate bar opening The crusher has anti-jamming features rejecting solid objects.


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